Supplementary Notes

Here are additional notes, often containing brief quotes from other authors, which the demands of editing did not permit to be included in the text. They are organized by each of the twenty book chapters. There is an indication by page number and rough location on the page for the text (in bold face) associated with each note. These page numbers and indications refer to the original hardbound paper edition. For electronic versions, use a search function to find the associated text.

CHAPTER 1: What Is Found?

CHAPTER 2: What Is Nature?

CHAPTER 3: What Is Science?

CHAPTER 4: Law, Chance, and Necessity

CHAPTER 5: Mathematical and Physical Reality

CHAPTER 6: Consciousness and Its Consequences

CHAPTER 7: What It Is Like to Be an Intentional System

CHAPTER 8: The Rebellion against Nature

CHAPTER 9: The Ideal of Perfect Knowledge

CHAPTER 10: The Scientific World

CHAPTER 11: The Book of Nature

CHAPTER 12: The Religious Origins of Science

CHAPTER 13: Deductionism, or the Proof Shall Make you Free

CHAPTER 14: Ideality

CHAPTER 15: Is Nature Real?

CHAPTER 16: Is Reality Exhaustible in Thought?

CHAPTER 17: Mechanism and Organism

CHAPTER 18: Theories of Something

CHAPTER 19: The Next Revolution in Physics?

CHAPTER 20: The Stance of Unknowing