Table of Contents

Preamble: The Barcode of Nature

Part One: The World as Found

1       What Is Found?
2       What Is Nature?
3       What Is Science?
4       Law, Chance, and Necessity
5       Mathematical and Physical Reality

Part Two: The World Remade

6       Consciousness and Its Consequences
7       What It Is Like to Be an Intentional System
8       The Rebellion against Nature
9       The Ideal of Perfect Knowledge
10     The Scientific World

Part Three: Maker’s Knowledge

11     The Book of Nature
12     The Religious Origins of Science
13     Deductionism, or the Proof Shall Make You Free
14     Ideality
15     Is Nature Real?

Part Four: Beyond the Mechanist Faith

16     Is Reality Exhaustible in Thought?
17     Mechanism and Organism
18     Theories of Something
19     The Next Revolution in Physics?
20     The Stance of Unknowing